How Often Should You Replace the Attics Insulation?

The average homeowner rarely checks what’s happening in the attic and it will be easy to neglect whatever is going up there. This shouldn’t be the case as problems with the attic could also interfere with the roofing structure. If you notice that there has been an increase in energy bills, it could be time to look for an attic insulation contractor to do the replacement. There are signs that your insulation needs to be replaced that will be hard to ignore.

How Often Should The Insulation of the Attic Be Replaced?

It is important that you’re inspecting the insulation in place, especially if you live in an old home. There are some situations that will warrant the replacement to be done sooner. This is particularly true if the installation was not done right. That is why it is imperative that you’re getting an experienced attic insulation contractor for the job.
There are a couple of tale-tale signs that your attic needs to be replaced and they include:
High energy bills: This is one of the main signs that there is a problem with the attic’s insulation. Aging insulation will not be effective in deflecting heat. Doing minor repairs might not cut it anymore when the insulation is worn out.
Problems with heating and cooling: Blasting the AC or the heater for the house to cool and warm respectively will be a sign that attic insulation needs to be replaced.
Mold insulation: The presence of mold in the insulation will be a warning sign of the condition of the attic. This is already a health hazard and you wouldn’t want the mold to spread to other parts of the house as it could trigger allergic reactions and interfere with the comfort in your home.
Drafts: The presence of cold drafts will be a sign that air is getting inside your home and the insulation or lack of air sealing isn’t doing a good job keeping it out.

Types of Insulation

Once you’ve decided to insulate the attic, you’ll be faced with a couple of options when it comes to the choice of insulation:

Batt Insulation: It is made from fiberglass and is used in homes and commercial buildings.

Blown-In Insulation: This type of insulation is a loose-fill blown material.

Spray Foam: This type of insulation is a customer favorite, known for superior r-value and the ability to achieve an air barrier. Spray foam also is a great choice for hard-to-reach areas thus making it ideal for attic insulation.

If you’re adding insulation for the first time or would want to replace the existing one, it is crucial that you’re getting the right contractor for the job. The project will need to be done right the first time so that you’re not spending money on unnecessary repairs down the line. If you suspect there could be an issue with the attic insulation, First Defense Insulation will be more than willing to do the inspection for you. To get started, visit

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