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If your insulation has been exposed to damage caused by water leaks, mold, rodents, excessive moisture, fire, smoke, or is just plain nasty from years of unfavorable conditions- removal is most likely warranted.   

We perform the unpleasant and hard task of removing insulation. Insulation removal is often very time  consuming and unpleasant. Working in tight and closed spaces, hot attics, and around multiple items found in homes are a few reasons why you want to hire a professional insulation contractor. 

Should I Remove Insulation from my Attic, Crawl Space, or Wall?

Building codes are continually changing and updated as new building science and statistics come out. Energy waste concerns are now a more prevalent issue in our codes and energy policies. Homeowners are becoming more concerned with rising utility cost and uncomfortable homes. 

When insulation is damaged, the original properties of the insulation are lost. Insulation damage inhibits the ability to stop heat gain or loss, has increased vulnerability to moisture, and is more susceptible to mold growth. 

If you are experiencing issues with your current insulation, you will want to have an evaluation by a professional insulation contractor. 

Can I Install New Insulation Over Old Insulation?

Sometimes you can. More often than not, issues are hidden by the old insulation. If air sealing was not done prior to insulation being installed, this is a key sign that just adding insulation isn’t going to work. Most insulation does not stop air loss, only filters it; however, spray foam applied at the proper depths is a great air barrier!

Certain types of old insulation, like Vermiculite insulation, can contain asbestos. If asbestos is present, professional removal is a must. 

If you are unsure about your existing insulation and whether or not insulation can just be added to existing insulation,  contact us for a free evaluation. 

Blown-In Attic Insulation: How Is It Removed?

First Defense Insulation uses a large industrial vacuum. Similar to vacuuming out your car, old insulation is sucked through a hose, into the vacuum, and deposited into our industrial sized insulation removal bags. 

Our crews safely protect your home from potential damage during the removal process. In addition, using our removal equipment allows protection from airborne particles, dust, allergens, and other unwanted health concerns entering your liveable space. 


Batt Insulation: How Is It Removed?

Batt insulation can be removed with our vacuum equipment as well, depending on the size of the insulation. Often times, industrial sized trash bags are brought into the attic and removal is done by hand. Proper personal protective equipment is required. 

Insulation Removal: How Long Does It Take?

Depends on the complexity of the job. Insulation clean of debris is quicker to remove. Older homes often have left over trash from construction, roofing debris from re-roofs, and left over wires from added home accessories. Low pitch roofs and duct work also get in the way. Professional insulation removal crews can typically remove 1,000-1,300 square feet in a day. Homeowners looking to perform the work themselves can expect to spend two days on removal. 

Once Insulation Is Removed- Where Does It Go?

Old contaminated insulation can not be reused- it’s garbage. There are no insulation recycling companies in the Houston area. Old insulation is placed into our on-site dumpster and taken to the local landfill for safe disposal. If insulation contains asbestos, we transport to a hazardous waste facility. 

Advantages of Professional Insulation Removal?

Some projects are more DYI friendly than others. Insulation removal is not one of them. Most importantly, health and safety are the greatest concerns. Attics and Crawl Spaces are not the easiest place to work. 

Working in existing homes brings unique challenges. During the summer, attics can reach 140 degrees. Low sloped roofs, HVAC ductwork, excessive wires, gas pipes, rodents, and walking over ceiling joist are just some of the challenges faced during insulation removal. 

Not having the correct equipment and supplies can extend the timeframe of the DYI job. Hiring a professional will offset the cost of your time, equipment rental, dumpster rental and disposal cost.