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First Defense Insulation is committed to enhancing the warmth and energy-saving aspects of your home, aiming to lower your utility bills in the process! We focus on providing top-notch attic insulation, air sealing, duct sealing, and duct cleaning to help homeowners improve their comfort. Excitedly, we extend free estimates across our wide array of services, ensuring you get the best for your home without any initial costs.

Enhancing Comfort and Energy Savings with Attic Insulation

A properly insulated and sealed attic is crucial for keeping your home comfortable and efficient.

Without the right insulation and air sealing in your attic, you might face steep energy bills, rooms that feel too hot or too cold, and inconsistent temperatures all around your house.

Making sure your attic is up to par can significantly improve these issues, leading to a more enjoyable and cost-effective living environment.

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Attic Insulation | Home comfort and Energy Efficiency | Attic Insulation & Air Sealing by First Defense Insulation

Attic Insulation

Home comfort and Energy Efficiency | Attic Insulation & Air Sealing by First Defense Insulation

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Duct Insulation | Home comfort and Energy Efficiency | Attic Insulation & Air Sealing by First Defense Insulation

Duct Insulation

Home comfort and Energy Efficiency | Attic Insulation & Air Sealing by First Defense Insulation

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Boost Your Home’s Comfort and Efficiency with Premier Attic Insulation

Fed up with fluctuating temperatures and sky-high energy bills?

First Defense Insulation is your go-to for top-tier attic insulation, designed to slash your heating and cooling costs while ensuring your home stays comfortable throughout the year.

Whether you’re leaning towards spray foam insulation, blown cellulose insulation, air sealing, or any of our comprehensive services, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Plus, we’re equipped to handle attic insulation removal in Katy, ensuring your home’s insulation is both effective and up-to-date.

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If you find your home uncomfortably warm in the summer and chilly in the winter, it might be due to insufficient attic insulation. An attic lacking a proper thermal barrier fails to keep the conditioned air where it’s needed, inside your living spaces. Opting for blown cellulose insulation to reach the advised insulation levels can create an effective seal, minimizing the air exchange and keeping your conditioned air indoors.


A home that’s not well-insulated demands more from your HVAC system, forcing it to work overtime to achieve your desired indoor temperature. This not only leads to higher energy costs but also puts unnecessary strain on your system. Ensuring your attic meets the recommended insulation standards allows your heating and cooling system to operate more efficiently, saving you money and extending the life of your HVAC.


It’s a common issue: certain rooms never seem to stay cool in summer or warm in winter. This problem often stems from inadequate air sealing and insulation in your attic. An air leak in the attic can directly affect the room beneath it and disrupt the temperature balance throughout your home. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain consistent insulation and air sealing across the entire attic space.


Sometimes, you can visually assess if your attic insulation is lacking. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests having between 13-18 inches of insulation, depending on your local climate zone. With the Insulation Institute reporting that 90% of US homes are under-insulated, there’s a good chance yours might be among them. A quick look can often tell you whether you’re due for an insulation upgrade.


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