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First Defense Insulation provides spray foam insultation for Residential and Commercial Systems.

It improves energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and structural durability. Spray foams monolithic, sprayed-in-place quality make it an excellent option for many applications including the attic. Call us today for a free estimate!

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The short term savings from using spray foam insulation more than offset its initial investment costs.

Even after your ROI is achieved, open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation will continue to save you money for the life of the home. No other insulation on the market provides both R-Value and air sealing qualities in the same product. This is what makes the cellulose insulation stand out from the rest. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in finding the right solution for your project.

What Is Spray Foam Made Of?

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam is a chemical product comprised of two materials, isocyanate and polyol resin.

When mixed together inside a gun, the two components react and create foam, which can expand 30-100 times its liquid volume.  

The United States Department of Energy estimates upto 40% energy loss of a building occurs from gaps, cracks, leaky ceilings, walls, and doors. Spray Foam insulation is an excellent choice to fill these voids and gaps because its a sprayed in place expandable insulation.

Why is Spray Foam Insultation So Popular?

Did you know spray foam was accidentally invented? That’s Right… In 1937, a German chemist by the name of Otto Bayer, discovered an addition to the synthesis of polyurethanes.

In the early 1980’s, it started to be used as insulation in buildings. Today, NASA actually insulates the space shuttle with spray foam insulation to protect the shuttle from heat and also to add structural support!

Spray foam insulation is used in Houston, Texas to stop all three types of heat transfer!

  1. Conduction: transfer of heat through a medium or passage (home wood framing members)
  2. Radiant: process by which energy, in the form of electromagnetic radiation, is emitted by a heated surface in all directions and travels directly to its point of absorption at the speed of light (heat transferring from roof to ceiling of home)
  3. Convective: movement of heat by a fluid such as air. (warm air will rise from home and push into attic)
a diagram of a home without the spray foam insulation in Houston
Uncomfortable Home with no Spray Foam Insulation
diagram of the home after installation of spray foam in Houston
Comfortable Home With Spray Foam Insulation

Which Product is Best For Your Project?

Spray Foam Insulation products are primary used: Open Cell and Closed Cell. The main difference between the two products is that open cells have a lower density than closed cells. Both products provide excellent thermal insulating value and prevent air infiltration. 

Open Cell Spray Foam insulation: Like the name suggests, this has cells left open and not encapsulated. With a 5 pound per cubic foot density, this product tends to be softer and more flexible. Open Cell has a higher expansion rate and is great at filling gaps, cracks, and voids. 

Closed Cell Spray Foam insulation: With completely closed cells, this product has a high density, is rigid, and is moisture impermeable.

How Safe Is Spray Foam Insulation?

While our applicators wear personal protective equipment while spraying foam, spray foam insulation is non-toxic (when correctly applied). Foam cures and becomes inert. Manufacturer guidelines and testing will determine when a building can be entered. Most manufactures have a 24-48 hour reoccupancy window and this window can be brought down with ventilation and other means. With over 35+ years of combined experience between our leadership team, extensive training of our crews, and investments into our equipment and maintenance- We have what it takes to do the spray foam insulation job correctly.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam materials with high R-value perform better than insulation materials with lower R-Value. The measure of resistance to heat flow is how R-Value is determined.

Known for its superior thermal and air barrier qualities, spray foam insulation also provides sound barrier properties as well. Open Cell SPF is better for sound than Closed Cell SPF.

Load-bearing structures of your home are the walls. Before a home is built, engineers design the home to protect from shearing force events, like hurricanes and tornadoes. Builders are turning to Spray Foam Insulation to add racking strength to the home. It acts as the “glue” of the home.

Leaky homes do not provide homerowners with superior indoor air quality.

As air leaks out of our homes, outdoor air has to leak back in, bringing the outdoor pollutants into our homes. Moisture can also leak in and contribute to condensation, which can lead to food growth “mold”.

Spray foam insulation protects against having leaky homes by providing an impermeable air barrier.

What to Expect When Hiring Our Spray Foam Insulation Contractors: WOW Service

From the moment you reach out to us, we will be here to answer any questions you have about spray foam insulation. We don’t have automated phone systems or 3rd party answering insulation services-related questions- you speak directly to our friendly staff. While we are a spray foam insulation company, we believe that we are servicing a human being that owns a home and not the home itself.

Once scheduled, we will communicate your appointment date and time back to you. 24-hours before your appointment, we will reach out and confirm that your appointment is still a good time for you.

Our knowledgeable staff will ask your concerns and goals on spray foam, complete a detailed assessment, provide proper treatments to fix your concerns, and leave you with a cost to perform the work.

On the morning of your spray foam installation, your project lead will meet with you and introduce the crew that will perform work at your home.

The scope of work to be performed will be reviewed with you and your home will be protected and treated like it was our home. 

You will be provided a completion timeline each day so you know what to expect and when work will be completed. 

When our crews complete the work, you will be walked through the scope of work and shown the work for you to approve our crews to leave.

Great service isn’t hard. We believe our job is to make you, the customer, feel like we care, are important to us, and if you have a problem- we address the problem and fix it.

When a customer feels like we took care of them, went above and beyond, and did exactly what we promised – they will refer us.

Referrals are the HIGHEST and most AUTHENTIC compliment a customer can pay us!

Affordable Spray Foam Insulation in Houston, Texas

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