Tips to Keeping Your Home Cool

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We understand the frustration (especially in the heat of Texas summers) of living in a house that is TOO hot. While we can provide substantial solutions such as insulation services, duct sealing, and more? we also want to offer some free advice on ways to keep your home cool. Here are a few tips to consider!


Block the Light!?

For natural light lovers, this one might be hard to follow. If your windows are letting in sunlight throughout the day, it could be adding a few degrees to that area of your house. Keeping your blinds shut and using energy-efficient curtains will almost instantly cool off the room, especially during the afternoon hours.


Keep the Doors Shut!

Think of opening your front and back doors like opening the refrigerator. Every time you open a door, you?re letting cool air out and hot air in. If you grew up in Texas, you might recall the phrase, ?Shut the door you?re letting the bought air out!?. Here?s a trick! If you have a garage door entry, use this to enter your home instead of the front door. This is one way to keep your ?bought air? inside.?


Chores, at Night!

Using appliances like your washer, dryer, and dishwasher can chalk up some additional heat inside of your home. Save these chores for when the sun begins to set instead of running everything in the middle of the day. At all times, ventilate while you cook and take shorter showers.?


And when all else fails, call us!