Taking Care of your Ducts

The ductwork in your home moves air from place to place. Itís often the least visible and least thought about feature of the HVAC system, but it is still of vital importance.†

Types of Ductwork

There are four common materials that make up the ductwork, and each has its own benefits. Flexible ductwork, for example, is a flexible plastic tube that can be helpful in places with odd angles and space, while rectangular ductwork is the most recognizable form, made of steel or aluminum. In addition to being the least likely to form mold, sheet metal ducts are lightweight and relatively easy to install. Fiberglass duct board is the same shape and design as regular sheet metal ducts, but the internal and external fiberglass coating is beneficial for lessening the sounds created by an HVAC system. Lastly, fiberboard ductwork is created by fiberglass strands that are compressed and bonded by resin before being covered in foil to protect it from moisture.†

Cleaning Air Ducts

As a general rule, air ducts should be cleaned every 3-5 years. If they need to be cleaned more than once a year, you may need to think about getting it fixed. To determine if your ducts need to be cleaned, call a professional who can tell you definitively if itís time. Some easy signs to look out for include a build-up of dust around the vent register, excessive debris around the filter, or a mold smell coming from the vents. Itís wise to clean them after a remodeling project, when youíre moving into a new home, or if residents of the home are experiencing severe allergic reactions in the home.†

Sealing Air Ducts

If your ducts are needing to be cleaned more often than normal, your bills are reflecting insufficient airflow, or your ducts are located in the attic, crawl space, or garage – they may be in need of sealing. Improperly sealed ducts do not only lose the air theyíre supposed to be moving, but moisture and debris often enter and affect the air quality and flow. Unsealed ducts can even become home to unwanted pests.†

We can help!

Air duct care should be carried out by professionals in order to prevent any further issues. Give First Defense a call today to make sure your air ducts are in great working condition! Let us help lower your bills and keep your family healthy.