Signs of Insufficient Insulation

Measuring Insufficient Insulation

How do you know when your home has Signs of Insufficient Insulation? Your home will tell you!

Different rooms are different temperatures

If you’re detecting different temperatures when you walk from room to room, even on the same floor, your home may be under-insulated. If one room stays stuffy and uncomfortable while another is the correct temperature, it’s a sign that something is off. These changes can include the location to the sun in comparison to the room, the time of year, and of course, whether it’s insulated or not. The same goes when a room is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Your energy bills are higher than normal

When your home is insufficiently insulated, your HVAC system is having to work overtime to compensate for the lack of regulation. All of that extra work is costing you money. It’s causing you to pay extra money on heated or cooled air that is just escaping through your walls, attic, and windows. The spikes of your bills during the winter and summer are trying to tell you something.

Unwanted pests

Insulation fills little crevices that allow bugs and rodents to enter your home, so if you’re seeing an appearance of unwanted house guests, it may be time to check your old cellulose insulation.

Hot walls, cold floors, drafty hallways

These are all signs that air isn’t circulating the way that it’s supposed to. If your walls and floors are changing temperatures to reflect the outdoors, then the temperature is passing through the building materials of your home, which will add to your bills and your discomfort. Drafts tend to come through cracks in windows, doors, and entryways, which can make the home cooler in the cold months. Drafts reduce the effectiveness of your HVAC system.?

Fix your insulation

Now that you know Signs of Insufficient Insulation in your home, you know when to call First Defense. Still not sure if you need to re-insulate? Call us for a free home comfort inspection or request online today!