Safest Ways to Insulate the Top of the House

You deserve to feel comfortable and cozy in your house, so ensure to check the state of your roof before making a decision on whether to do the insulation yourself or contact us for spray foam Houston. Do-it-yourself work is feasible if the area is readily accessible and there are no symptoms of wetness. However, our insulation contractor should be called in if there are any signs of water damage or mold growth.
Look around your home to determine if you’re losing any heat. Typical problems could be located in chimneys and fireplaces that do not have functional dampers. Air leaks from window openings, ducts, electrical outlets, and recessed lighting are a few more things to keep an eye on. Keep reading to discover ways of insulating the top of your house.

Vented attic

If you do it correctly, this one is the most frequent and least likely to create any issue when insulating the top of your house. Inadequate air sealing and insulation cause the condensation and ice dams on the roof of many homes in cold climes, not by the presence of a vent in the attic. As soon as you reduce the amount of air leakage and conductive heat loss, those issues go away. However, how to handle the heating and cooling systems and ducts is a significant consideration. All of the stuff should be kept out of the attic if you want to install a vented system. Contractors in the West often use deep-buried ducts for this purpose. Condensation may occur when ducts are buried in a moist environment. With this option, you have a second advantage. If you want to insulate your attic, the most cost-effective method is to employ vents.

All insulation is placed on top, or part is placed on top, and fibrous insulation is placed underneath

After that, we’d want to add part or all of the roof insulation on top of the roof. As a result, the roof sheathing is protected from water damage since it is kept warm. Mineral wool or stiff foam may be used as roof deck insulation. With a hybrid construction, our contractor recommends using fibrous insulation on the bottom. If you want to save money, you could use open-cell spray foam there, but cellulose or fiberglass would work just as well and be much easier to work with. To ensure that the sheathing stays above the dew point in a hybrid assembly, be sure to adhere to the ratio rule. Insulation on top of the roof deck eliminates the need for roof deck ventilation. If you’d like, you may install ventilation tubes above the insulation on the topside, but don’t vent below. Your R-value will go down as a result of this change.
Our insulation contractors can help you seal your ducts to lessen the loss of warm or cooled air while also minimizing the chance of mold growth and moisture forming in your attic space. Reduce heating and cooling expenditures by installing First Defense Insulation in your house. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For better spray foam, Houston installation in your home, visit our website .

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