Ready For Cooler Temperatures? Don’t Wait Any Longer!

We’ve been having some out of the ordinary cooler weather in August, in TEXAS! And by cooler we mean, like, one day it stayed in the ’70s until 12pm. However, it was enough of a tease to get a rise out of the fall-lovers. With Summer days averaging a high of 95 degrees, there is no time to waste when it comes to making sure your home is fully equipped to withstand the heat.

If you are constantly fighting with the thermostat to keep your home at a reasonable temperature, something is wrong. You shouldn’t be sweating in the mirror while getting ready for work or turning on every fan in the house to regulate the temperature when the oven is on. While there are always going to be ways to keep your house cooler (read here for our tips!), it starts with your insulation.

At First Defense Insulation, we offer free home comfort inspections. This involves scheduling a time for us to come out and evaluate the consistency and efficiency of your home. Every home is different, and the experts at First Defense Insulation can help you get the right insulation and air sealing services you need to get the results you want in your home.

We offer attic insulation, air sealing, and duct insulation services that are designed to fix energy efficiency problems, save you money and create a more comfortable home. Don’t wait for October to experience cooler temperatures in your home, make it feel like Fall, now!

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