How To Stop Fighting Over the Thermostat

Fighting Over the Thermostat | Attic Insulation & Air Sealing by First Defense Insulation

Fighting Your Thermostat: The Importance of Home Comfort Consultations

If you grew up with a budget-conscious parent, you?re well aware of the number on the thermostat in your home right now. We have seen so many ways that families fight each other over the thermostat. What?s your weapon towards the thermostat? Do you buy blackout curtains and keep the doors shut as much as possible? You?re missing out on natural lighting and outside views if you?re keeping yourself cooped up in the dark! Do you turn it way up when you leave so that the AC doesn?t run while you?re gone? We see that all of the time. The truth is, you don?t need to spend so much time fighting your thermostat. What you should consider investing your time in is creating the proper comfort in your home with the right set up. Your home is built from the ground up, and because we can?t see everything working to keep it stable, we can?t always be sure it?s working efficiently. With a home comfort consultation and report, we can inspect problem areas around your home that could be causing discomfort and inefficiency. Inefficiency equals high energy bills, and nobody likes that. From insulation to air ducts, First Defense can find the root of the problem and get your home to a point where it is working and feeling it?s best.