Four Essential Spray Foam Safety Tips

When it comes to applying spray foam insulation, getting an effective result should not be the only thing you aim for. You must also take safety seriously. Trained spray foam insulation contractor Houston understands the dangers of misusing spray foam. This is why they make sure to educate people who plan on going the DIY way.

If you are considering DIY spray foam insulation, here are some essential safety tips to follow.

Use Respirator and Goggles

The first step to ensuring safety while installing your spray foam is using proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The recommended respirator is a full face fresh air mask.

Protect Your Body

Asides from your eyes and nose, other parts of your body also need protection during spray foam installation. This is because spray foams are aerosols designed to stick and expand on surfaces. Therefore, your skin should be well protected before carrying out the installation process. You can do this by wearing a disposable overall that leaves no part of your skin exposed. It should come with a hood to protect the other parts of your face that are not protected by the goggles and respirator. It is also necessary to use disposable, hand and wrist covering gloves to carry out this task. Taping your gloves to your sleeves is a great way to ensure that they don’t slip off while working.

Prepare The Workspace

Before starting work, you must ensure that everyone not in protective gear has vacated the building. For safe and effective spray foam insulation, you also have to consider the safety of others. You must also ensure that the surfaces that you are applying the spray foam on are dried. Spraying a surface with a moisture rating of over 18% will lead to improper adhesion. To effectively measure the surfaces’ dryness level, you may need a moisture meter.

Always Have A Spray Plan

For an effective result, you will need a spray plan. This plan should include how the spray will be applied, the locations that it will be applied on, and when the building can be reoccupied again. You should ensure that your spray tanks are at the right temperature— 75°F-85°F. You should also check if the spray contents are coming out evenly by first pointing the gun into an empty bag.

Generally, after installing your spray foam, unprotected people will have to wait for up to 24 hours before re-entering the premises again for their safety.

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