Common Terms And Concepts Behind Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation

Not many people understand what spray foam is. Spray foam insulation Houston is an alternative to traditional building insulation, such as fiberglass. The term spray foam can also refer to plastic foam materials used in the building and construction industry to provide heat insulation and minimize air infiltration.

R-value Meaning

This refers to the degree to which a substance can resist heat flow. The higher this value is, the higher the ability of the material to resist heat. Implications with a high r-value are better insulation. For instance, the paper has a lower heat resistance than a styrofoam cooler. Insulation works like a flask and is measured in inches. The higher the insulation capacity, the more efficient the insulation. Spray foam has a high R-value.

Meaning of Board Feet

A board fit simply means one foot by one foot by one-inch thickness. It is used to calculate the r-value in spray foam projects.

Spray Foams Types

There are two main Spray Foam types used in residential and commercial applications. Although they are alike, each has its own uses.


Open-cell foam has a lower R-value per inch. It has an average R-value of 3.7 per inch. This foam is ideal for homes, commercial buildings, and soundproofing.


Closed-cell foam is denser, often referred to as 2 pound, and achieves a R-value of 6.6 per inch. Closed-cell is a class II vapor retarder and does well in crawl spaces and conditioned wine rooms.

Foam Expansion

Spray foam has the highest expansion abilities. This makes it ideal for insulation since it can fill every space and crevice to provide the best insulation services and the best sealing ability than other materials. Spray Foam can expand up to 100 times its original liquid volume.

Estimating Spray Foam Costs in Insulation

To effectively estimate the cost associated with your project- First Defense Insulation staff can meet you on site. We also can work with scaled plans and return a cost proposal.

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