4 Pitfalls Of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is one of the best ways to keep your home free from excessive heat, cold, water, and noise. The insulation, also lowers cooling and heating bills, regardless of the home size. However, if not correctly done, it can be a cause of discomfort in your home. So, working with an experienced professional in installing spray foam insulation Houston is advisable. Some of the pitfalls of foam as an insulation option include.

Unsealed Air Leakage Spots

One of the most popular reasons many homeowners opt for foam as an insulation option is the ability to seal all the leakage sites effectively. However, if the installer misses some spots when spraying, you will likely experience leakages and higher power bills due to heating and cooling. Also, if the professional is spraying foam in a big property, they are more likely to miss some spots. Therefore, after the project, you should insist on tests such as Blower Door to identify air leakage sites. If spotted, the installer will work on the new air leakage spots before leaving.

Using The Wrong Foam Thickness

The golden rule in reducing energy bills and making your home comfortable during cold and hot seasons is using the right foam thickness. While it is easy to check whether the professional has sprayed enough foam when installing open cell foam, you may not have the same luxury if you opt for closed-cell foam. If the thickness (for closed-cell foam) is less than 3” on your roofline or less than 2” spray on the wall, you may experience some challenges with the insulation. So, when working with a professional, request them to adhere to the energy codes when spraying foam to achieve the correct R figure, depending on your location.

Mismatching The Foam With Building Enclosure

When installing foam as a form of insulation, the installer must plan. One of the key aspects of planning is understanding the home enclosure. If the professional is uncertain about any detail, they should ask you to avoid missing some parts. So, to avoid future problems such as missed spots or using the wrong foam thickness, you should provide the installer with all the necessary records, especially if the property enclosure.

Spray Foam Pulling Away From The Frame Due To Substandard Artistry

After some weeks, you may notice spray foam pulling away from the framing. While the issue is common on closed-cell foam, it may occur in open-cell foam too. Unlike other pitfalls, there are many causes, such as high temperatures and improper mixing of the chemicals. Also, if the installer used the wrong chemical batch, you may experience the issue. Your only shot at avoiding spray foam pulling away from the frame is working with experienced installers.

Even with many advantages as an insulation alternative, you need an experienced installer to avoid any of the four pitfalls. Also, you can request them to do checks on the installed foam in case you are uncertain about the quality. If you need experienced installers, check us out on https://fdinsulation.com/attic-insulation/spray-foam/.

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